Just Be

La Isla Project

What we offer

Just Be is an elemental immersive workshop where we will embark on a journey of creativity and exploration in Ibiza’s wonderful landscapes. Using the elements of air, earth, water and fire to play and expand our perspective, and thus the possibilities of what we can create.

Who is it for

This workshop is designed for all creatives.
Visual artists, video makers, photographers, directors, writers. Also performers, musicians, actors, dancers. Anyone who is willing to become part of the creative process is welcome.

Come and create with us!

We shall combine different artistic mediums merging and blending them to create a full experience. Video and photography will be the lens through which we will capture the essence of the action.

Connect with your body!

The action shall be developed using guided meditation and body movement exercises as well as individual and group activities in nature and through the educational theme of the Four Elements.

Grow your talent and expand your portfolio!

Be part of an enriching experience where artistic composition, individual as well as communal creation, topical technical information, physical practices and playful scenarios are developed to nourish talent and to create a final piece that all participants will be proprietor of.

Nudity is not required.

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Our Program

This is a four-day workshop. The day before the start of the workshop our production and tutoring teams shall meet and greet with all participants for an informal and welcoming get together to chat and get to know each other before the workshop starts. This is a great opportunity to answer any last minute questions and make sure that this workshop is right for you or not.

Day 1



Photography / Videography techniques


Sunrise session: energy connection circle /swimming

Group supported individual multimedia creative session using clay

Strength and relaxation exercise in extreme conditions


Breathing and freediving techniques with music

How to create content underwater: technical aspects for both photographers and performers

Guided meditation using the Water element to connect with feelings and emotions

Cave creations


Sunset session with fire energy circle

Body movement

Night time photography session using fire element

Closing drum circle

Day 1


– Breathing and guided meditation exercises accompanied by music.

– Photographic techniques to introduce participants to those fundamental principles needed to create and develop their own individual journey.

– Individual creative session using the element theme of the day.

– Group and game activities implemented through interactive dance and role play dynamics.

Day 2


– Sunrise energetic connection circle practice and early-bird swim.

– Group-supported individual creative photographic session using clay.

– Body movement and grounding techniques for strength and calmness.

Day 3


– Breathing and freediving techniques with music.

– How to create content underwater: technical aspects for both photographers and performers.

– Guided meditation using the Water element to connect with feelings and emotions.

– Cave settings.

Day 4


– Sunset session with fire construction.

– Energy circle practice.

– Dance and physical movement exercises and activities to connect with our intuitive intelligence and animal spirit through the use of the Fire element.

– Night time photography and videography shooting techniques.

– Closing circle accompanied by drums and percussion.

Our Formation team

These are our tutors and workshop directors.

Marco Ferraris

Photography and Videography Coach

Marco is a visual artist in the field of photography and film. His latest project: “La Isla Project” combines photography and video in an evolutionary co-creation, where the island is an archetypal site and a place where man is free to give life to new utopias of regeneration…

Svitlana Pashko


Svitlana is a multiverse dance professional with 25 years of performing, teaching,
choreographing and event management experience. Her approach is influenced by a combination of different schools and practices…

Shakima Garunts

Voice Genius

Shakima is a professional musician, songwriter and the soloist for the Shakima Trio project with which she is touring regularly. She has an extensive background as a performer, seasoned music educator, and an innovative genius development coach, guiding voice practitioners…

Daniel Drago

Filmmaker and Creativity Coach

Eclectic artist working with various media and mediums: music producer, filmmaker and performer. A creativity coach and author passionate about exploring and empowering human potential, Daniel creates visual poetry, dance, experimental films…

What happens when you join

You will be part of a cinematic like experience where your creative process will be guided and recorded towards assisting your professional growth.


Expect to work within an interchangeable natural table vivent structure where performative arts meet photography and videography.


An in-house production crew will work alongside tutors and participants to assist in creating a final portfolio piece during the four days of the event to bring home with you at the end of the four days.


The workshop will be oriented towards the type of participants that join. Ideally we are looking at no more than 15 participants joining to perform and/or to use a video photographic medium.


The workshops features live music where possible to support your creative process and your emotional experience. Hired body models and performers will assist tutors to create original professional set-ups to further enrich your educational experience.

Important information

We urge you to read this section carefully before joining our workshops.

CLOTHING & Footwear

All participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for location settings and workshop practices.


Food and beverages are not provided by the organizers and therefore we kindly ask all participants to cater responsibly for the sourcing and provision of these individual needs on a daily basis.


Although some materials will be available for demonstrative purposes only, we urge all participants to bring their own photographic equipment as well as a notebook and pen to sustain their experiential process within the context of this workshop.


Every day, participants will be asked to engage in different environmental settings that reflect the explored themes and therefore different locations will be chosen, with preference given to the north area of the island. We expect all participants to be able to reach all workshop locations autonomously by own travel means. Some concessions can be made based on La Isla Project production team car availability.

Prices & Special Offer

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This is the full price for the four days in total.


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