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La Isla Project

La Isla Project would like to invite you to our first creative workshop in Ibiza: JUST BE – a creative Elemental Workshop from the 2nd to the 5th of August in Ibiza. In this four-day workshop you’ll be part of a professional production that merges different artistic disciplines and approaches to learn how to merge and balance the technical with the creative, the visible and the unseen and what happens between movement and stillness.

Join us in the serene landscape of Ibiza and get ready to delve into somatic/dance practices, sound work, photography, composition, cinematography and more. You will research, learn, and co-create under the guidance of an international team of artists and teachers.

This workshop is for all you creative people out there: performers/dancers, visual artists, film-makers, photographers, musicians, actors and anyone who wants to become part of an intensive creative process is welcome. The project is an open invitation for both seasoned artists and novice creators eager to dive into a thematic project based on the four elements: air, earth, water and fire.
Through an innovative fusion of dance, bodymind practices, photography, film and music, we will explore the various layers of co-creating a multimedia artistic project that cultivates synergy, authenticity and interdisciplinarity.

Just Be a co-creator with us in the magical act of turning the invisible into the visible. Book your spot now, and set out on a journey that explores the poetry of motion and stillness in performance, film and photography.

The call is now open to reserve your spot. Send us a private message or write to:
contact@laislaproject.com to book your participation and for more information about us and our services.

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